"There's a classic, organic and rough-hewn aesthetic (think, After the Gold Rush, Neil Young) and a synergy of voices and sensibilities alluding to the rare magic of Fleetwood Mac-- but the subjects and sounds coming from the full-length debut, "The Nature of Storms" (Fall 2019), indicate a band fully aligned with the trailblazing women of indie rock while holding their own space on the 'alt' fringes of folk and country."

"Cathartic, cinematic alt-folk sourced by rebellious country upbringings and delivered across vast percussive landscapes. For Whippoorwill, there's little separation between the soul and the scenery-- heartbreak is a ripped floodplain and longing, an unbroken expanse of sky (via non-traditional banjo, long harmonica riffs, distorted guitar, and three-part harmonies that can scorch, soar, or haunt accordingly). "